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Private Instruction
Lessons at the Jerusalem Violinstudio are taught using a combination of traditional methods. Students are given a solid foundation that will enable them to progressively reach higher levels of technical and musical achievement while complementing their enjoyment of the violin. Private violin lessons give teachers the flexibility to adapt to each student's learning needs by creating a customized curriculum in order to maximize the student's learning potential.  


Violin lessons are scheduled on an individual basis and the lessons are 1/2-hr, 3/4-hr, or 1-hr in length depending on the experience and commitment level of the student. For the beginning violin student, we recommend 1/2-hr lessons.


For the younger violin student, we encourage parental attendance at lessons. It is suggested that the parent take notes at the lessons on what, and how to practice. It is important that the parent support the child regularly during their home practice sessions. This supervision may decrease as the child matures. 

To receive more information about private lessons, please e-mail or call us. We would be delighted to hear from you. 


Contact Us:  Telephone in Israel: 054-9754066  Whats App: +972-54-9754066    E-mail:  

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