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The Jerusalem Violinstudio prepares students for auditions through group coaching sessions, extra lessons and classes which concentrate on specific audition requirements such as the sight reading of solo as well as orchestral excerpts. 


Overcoming and managing performance anxiety is another topic of importance when preparing and taking auditions. Also known as "stage fright," performance anxiety is common and very treatable. Students will learn how to reduce their fears and anxieties associated with performing. 







The Jerusalem Violinstudio offers intensive training for many types of violin auditions. There are two concurrent programs, one for students who are preparing for the Violin Bagrut, and the other program for those students practicing for their orchestral auditions. For any audition, careful planning and preparation is essential.


Nearly all violin auditions require the student to play contrasting solo pieces, to sight read, and to prepare a list of orchestral excerpts that are sent to each candidate prior to their audition. It is very important to choose appropriate solo pieces that best reflect the applicant's level of achievement and their strengths. At the Jerusalem Violinstudio, we strive  to make sure that our students are on the right track in selecting their repertoire, and that they are making proper decisions regarding the audition preparation process. 











Orchestral Auditions - Violin Bagrut

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