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Summer lessons are offered during the months of July and August. All students, including new students are welcome to participate. To sign up for the summer program, please contact us to submit your request. A minimum of three lessons is required for the summer program, but it is recommended that you register for five lessons to make sure your progress continues throughout the summer months.

Lesson Day and Time

During the summer season, your lesson day and time can be flexible in order to accommodate schedule needs. A list of available days and times for July and August are announced in June and registration is on a first come first served basis. Students who do not register in June are still able to register during July and August. If lesson time slots are still available, you are welcome to participate.

Summer Lesson Registration 

To register for summer lessons, please contact us at 054-9754066 or email us at

Payment for summer lessons  can be paid in cash, by check or by PayPal.

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