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Adult Lessons

Perhaps you have never played the violin, or you played it earlier in life and regret having discontinued your studies. The Adult Program is designed for anyone past high school age, from beginners to those who wish to return to studying the violin after time away from it.


We work with adult students in a supportive, relaxed environment. Our curriculum encompasses basic, intermediate and advanced reading, rhythm, technique, theory, interpretation and other skills that promote good musicianship. Selected repertoire draws on a variety of styles.



Lessons and classes are conveniently scheduled around an adult's busy schedule or a retiree's more flexible schedule. Daytime and evening times slots are available. Adult students have two options: private or group instruction.

Practice Tips 


Between family, friends and after-work activities, finding time to practice might not be easy. With a little planning, however, you will be surprised how possible and productive practicing can be. 


Any time you do something over and over, habits are developed, so make sure what you repeat is indeed a "good habit." The reward of practicing is being able to do something at the end of a practice session that you couldn't do at the beginning.


Success depends on how you work on skills between lessons. At home, you are your own teacher!

Leibesleid by Fritz Kreisler


Payment for adult classes can be paid in cash, by check or by PayPal.


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